Modern Thermal Break Aluminum Bifold Patio Door

Modern Thermal Break Aluminum Bifold Patio Door

Open and Close, Hidden Mountains and Rivers in the House, Swallow the Weather

1. Gothic arc pressing line design

2. Five-cavity double broken bridge thermal insulation structure

3. Multilayer sealing and drainage design

4. Heavy-duty transmission hardware system

5. Multi-point anti-theft driving hardware system

Modern Thermal Break Aluminum Bifold Patio Door

Attractive Point in Design

  • Integrated linkage push and pull design
  • Harden the load-bearing hardware system
  • Cavity reinforcement design
  • Internal reinforcement slot design
  • Space view, infinite folding
  • Heat Insulation 1.5W / sqm * K - Level 5
  • Watertight ≥ 450△ P - Level 5
  • Wind Pressure Resistance 3.5P - Level 4 △
  • Sound Insulation 36dB -Level IV
  • Air Tightness Level 7

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