Condi Modern Thermal Break Aluminium Windows

Condi Modern Thermal Break Aluminium Windows

No Imperial Star, but Still Shining with Dazzling Brilliance

1. Gothic arc pressing line design

2. Five-cavity double broken bridge thermal insulation structure

3. Multilayer sealing and drainage design

4. Heavy-duty transmission hardware system

5. Multi-point anti-theft driving hardware system

Condi Modern Thermal Break Aluminium Windows

Attractive Point in Design

  • Adopt EPDM foam tape
  • Magnetic adhesive strips and special locks.
  • Extremely narrow frame design + best visual effect
  • New sunken drainage design
  • Heat Insulation 1.8W / sqm * K - Level 7
  • Watertight ≥ 600 △ P - Level 5
  • Wind Pressure Resistance 4.0P - Level 7 △
  • Sound Insulation 36dB -Level IV
  • Air Tightness Level 5

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